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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make Up Post: E bay Blush!

Hey Guys sorry for the lack of posts lately!
its getting close to the end of semester for my fashion course so its getting a little hectic i haven't had much time for my blog! any way enough of the excuses, i don't have a fashion post for you today but i just got this blush pallet in the mail that i bought from eBay and it made my day so i thought i would do a quick post to tell you guys about it :)

i absolutly love my makeup and it is one of my many addictions and i havejust recently discovered the world of eBay (i had never bought anything from ebay). so i bought this blush pallet from eBay for $7 on auction (i think the buy it now price is something like $10) and it comes with 28 different blush colours!

 i got the package and non of the pieces had broken and it was all in good condition. i tried some swatches on my arm (see pics above) and they are actually quite pigmented too! i love the colours on them, it gives you such a huge variety and i think that especially for the price that this pallet is amazing.
i cant wait to try it out and i will be sure to let you guys know if they work well.

i compared the size of the blushes with the the Australian $1 coin and they are slightly bigger than it maybe more like a 20c coin (i only had a dollar on me) so i think they could be a bit bigger but I'm happy with them for the price and its not like i have a shortage of them!

so i am now officially an eBay shopahollic its just so cheap and addictive it's a dangerous place to shop haha

here's the link for it

and the sellers name: yong-lan988

♥ Alex

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jelly beans

i cannot begin to express how super excited i am!
i used to wear these awesome jelly sandals all the time as a kid i absolutely loved wearing them in the water at the beach. i wondered what happened to them as they mysteriously disappeared but lately i have noticed they have made a comeback and i have seen a few on blogs, look book and in the streets but no were to be seen in shops! so i finally realized that just maybe i could find them online (i dont shop online much so its not usually the first idea that comes to my head) and sure enough i did!
i ordered these super cute redrover jellies from http://jbeans.com.au/buy-jellys.html and i cannot wait till they come i am so excited i just had to do a little rant, oh how i wish they would arrive now!.
tell me what you guys think of jellies? are you as obsessed with them as i am!?

any who i have a fashion post for you to!

so winter is starting to creep up on us down under in the land of Auz and the last couple of days has been slightly chilly (nothing compared to what some of you experience as chilly i can assure you) and very wet with rain! so while i had a small amount of sunshine i wanted to post a very summery look while i still can before the sun decides to hide behind the clouds for winter
hope you like it!

♥ Alex

Monday, April 29, 2013

Somthin Old

just my newest look on look book i just discovered u can post ur pics this way!!

shirt: opshop
shorts: car markets
belt: dotti
shoes: spend less shoes

i think this is the cheapest post that i have done! i didnt spend over $50 on the whole outfit :)
♥ Alex

Friday, June 15, 2012


as you may have guessed the other day we went on a very successful opshopping spree in wynnum!
i gathered all the change i could find in my house (which is a lot because we tend to collect it in bowls around the house) i found about $40 in 50c, 20c and 10c pieces spent it all and came out with 2x shirts, pair of pants, a blazer, pair of earrings, bangles and a hand bag.
Drea bought herself a bunch of knitted jumpers (they are kinda her thing, she probably has more knitted jumpers than other clothes)


dress: hand me down from mum
hat: sportsgirl
bag: OPSHOP for $6.50
blazer: OPSHOP for $15
earrings: OPSHOP for $5
shoes: wittner 
 rings: Diva

Drea is wearing:
velvet dress : paper heart
knitted jumper: OPSHOP for $12
shoes: Vans 
jewellery: Markets in noosa 

this week has been an awesome week! my besty came to visit me from melbourne! i miss her so much :'( sad she had to leave today. yesterday we went to south bank in brizzy and had ourselves a little pick nick! we cooked sausages on the barbie and ate delicious hot dogs :)


south bank has a cute little "beach" i put it in inverted commas because it is a fake or man made beach no were near as good as the real thing i find it lacks the salt, waves, seaweed and all the little beachy things that make it a beach but i have to give them credit for importing sand and creating a little oasis in brisbane city next to the river. also a fake beach is better than no beach which i find brisbane lacks!

at the end of the day we took my little dogs for a walk!
and we have Drea being Drea

Thursday, June 7, 2012

♥ plum

shirt: Factorie
hat: Sports girl
bow tie: Diva
belt: Dotti
jewellery: Diva/ sports girl
skirt:  Sports girl
bag: Sports girl
shoes: Zu

wow just realised that i am wearing a lot of sports girl :) well what can i say it is my favourite store and i forgot about the skirt because it was actually a lucky find at an opshop near my friends house! and i finally posted an outfit with this bag! i have been meaning to because i bought it a little while ago and i use it a lot and i absolutely love it, probably very high on my best buys list! plus you wouldn't believe how many people comment on it, and it is actually really functional bag as well it has lots of pockets. always good to have practical and cute items in your closet. 
well as usual i absolutely love hearing your thoughts! 
hope you enjoy!!

♥ Alex

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun pastel nails

I got these really cute pastel nail polishes in a an issue of girlfriend magazine and with a bit of tape I had some fun with the polish! V easy to do

I love pastel colours especially in nail polish. When it comes to pastel or neon I am so a pastel girl the coloirs are so pretty! and I am seeing alot of both lately :) what about you bloggers do you prefer the pastel or the neon trend?!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hand me Down

GRR look book wont let me upload this look cuz aparently the file is unreadable! and its driving me crazy but i think lookbook is having so issues i will just have to post it later thought i would share my frusterations :| anywho This cute crochet dress was my antie's when she was my age :) she gave it to me and i absolutly love it (i have a love for vintage) hope you like the look i made with it ! and i also just descovered the photo editing on pxlr.com i thought you could only edit your look book pics but it turns out its an actual website :D this made my day cuz its such a good photo editor! i love the vintage filters, light leaks and chem burns they are awsome!! slight obsesion haha :D xx
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